Best Performance Windows VPS

Best Performance VPS ensure high resources and storage. This package recommend for run any application that required high resources. If you wish to run SEO software , Social media software, or any autopilot software. This VPS is for you. You can enjoy the power of RAM, CPU and Processor with this high end VPS

Cheap Price Windows VPS

When you need moderate powered windows machine, cheap price VPS can be your best option. Though all of our packages designed to provide best server at possible lowest cost. If you run any browser based program or single thread software, this plan is for you.

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CPU Core




Available OS

Remote Desktop (rdp) Access

24h support



per month

3.2+  GHZ


1 GB

50 GB


Windows 2008 R2



per month

3.2+  GHZ


2 GB

100 GB


Windows 2008 R2



per month

3.2+  GHZ


3 GB

250 GB


Windows 2008 R2,Windows 7 / 8



per month

3.2+  GHZ


4 GB

500 GB


Windows 2008 R2,Windows 7 / 8

” Windows VPS is the FUTURE of Personal Computer “

Windows is the most popular operating system for desktop and laptop. Both for home and office use, there is no alternative of windows operating system. Everyday windows gain more power by million of developers who developing and upgrading their application for different windows version. No other operating system does not have so many application.There are many software that only build for windows OS . So, you must have windows OS to use those software. Specially for different office application, seo software, social media automation , and a lot of marketing tools only build for different version of win OS.

AND , Virtual server is a machine similar to your computer. Virtual server is required for many purpose to run, test or easy automation of any software. Virtual servers are very powerful hardware combination to provide you the best performance. Virtual server is known as different from according their allocation and access. Such as Dedicated server and Virtual Private Server (VPS). Dedicated server is used for get more RAM, Processor Speed, Disk space compared to Virtual Private Server.

windows vpsOur windows servers is designed to meet your need and ensure the best virtual working place for you and your team. All servers are managed my highly professional team and 24X7 monitoring of any possible threat. Our customer care team is ready to support you .

# Managed Servers:

We ensure managed server by our technical team. We are monitoring server 24X7 to fix any server issue or attack .

# Customer Support:

We ensure 24 hour dedicated customer support by our stuff . We are ready to here you.

# High Speed Internet Connection:

all our vps are connected with 1 GBPS high speed internet. So, your work speed and resource will not be remain useless.

# 100 Percent Server Uptime:

We ensure 100% uptime of our servers .That’s ensure your work stability and efficiency .

# Windows Operating System As Your Choice:

We recommend windows server 2008 R2, Windows server 2012 R2 and Windows server 2016 for better management of your resource and keep your data more safer. But, if you wish to have any other version of windows on your server, let us know with support ticket. You can choose windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 on your server.

# Remote Desktop with full control:

We allow your full control on your vps by remote desktop software/ application or you can access your vps with your mobile as well.


Virtual windows system / server can be used for thousand purpose. It could be used for personal purpose and also can be use for developer purpose. Windows vps is widely use for team project and many other purpose as well.

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